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Roo Ribs Premium - Kangaroo

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Our Premium Roo Ribs offer a variety a essential goodness. With a mix of meat and bone, they provide everything from proteins, to keep pets energised, right through to calcium for strong bones. Kangaroo Rib Bones are a healthy chewable treat, that will keep your pet munching, ensuring a good jaw workout. You don't need to worry about them splintering as these bones are slow oven dehydrated. Extended chew times are great to promote healthy teeth and gums by removing plaque buildup. All natural and free of any preservatives, they offer good amounts of Bone Marrow, Iron and Zinc. They are suitable for all sized dogs. If you if have a smaller dog, you may want to check out our Roo Rib Pieces. These are precut and make it easier for smaller dogs to chew. Our whole piece roo ribs measure around 20cm-30cm long per piece and are an average of 200g each. Roo Ribs are a single ingredient product. 

All Australian, our products are 100% grown and made in Australia.

      • Made from 100% Aussie Kangaroo
      • Source of Nutritious Marrow and Calcium
      • Low In Fat
      • Great for Dental Health - Controls Plaque & Tartar
      • Additives and Preservatives Free
      • Naturally Delicious, Highly Palatable 
      • Long Shelf Life - up to 12 Months
As with all pet treats, we recommend supervising your pet whilst they are chewing. Unless fully consumable, once the treat becomes small enough to be swallowed, you should remove and dispose of the remainder to prevent a blockage or internal damage to your pet. Remember, have drinking water available to assist digestion.
Our products are not suitable for human consumption.


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