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Smoked Salmon Crumble

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Our Smoked Tasmanian Salmon Crumble is a nutrient dense treat with a strong, but pleasant 'all pet' attracting odor. Salmon provides a high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, including potassium, selenium and vitamin B12, not to mention, omega-3 fatty acids, which all assist in providing a nutrient rich treat. It's a versatile product, you crumble it in your hand and sprinkle it over your pets dinner. Or break into smaller pieces and use as a training treat. Cats too will love the flavour of this fishy treat! A tasty treat indeed, soft and moist, which is sure to please. A Natural Wood Smoke is used to compliment the flavour of the SalmonMade in Queensland, from premium ingredients, Smoked Salmon Crumble is a single ingredient treat. 

All Australian, our products are 100% grown and made in Australia.

      • Made from Tasmanian Salmon & Aussie Chicken
      • Great Training Treat, Easy to Break
      • Minimal Processing, Salt as a Natural Preservative
      • Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Omega-3 fatty Acids
      • Naturally Delicious, Highly Palatable 
      • Good Shelf Life - up to 6 Months
      • Available in many other Flavours

As with all pet treats, we recommend supervising your pet whilst they are chewing. Unless fully consumable, once the treat becomes small enough to be swallowed, you should remove and dispose of the remainder to prevent a blockage or internal damage to your pet. Remember, have drinking water available to assist digestion.

Our products are not suitable for human consumption.

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