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The Story

Dog crouched down, relaxing in a park enjoying a natural  pet treat.

Welcome To Our Online Pet Treat Store With A Difference.

This is where 'We Believe'

The Real Deal

Locally Sourced from Australia Only. We pride ourselves in sourcing products that are All-Natural, Preservative Free. You won't find any Imported Rawhide here! 

Better Nutrition

We believe in offering the most nutritious pet treats available made from freshest ingredients, and using words like “fresh” have an honest meaning beyond the marketing hype. 

Care In Production

We gently dehydrate or cook at low temperatures to protect the integrity of the ingredients. That’s why our pet treats are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Fresh Treats Are Better Than Manufactured Treats

We believe in supplying treats that are closer to their natural state, making it easier for your pets to digest, more delicious and most importantly more nutritious. Fresher is Better, that's what makes our pet treats different from the rest. 

Happy Smiles All Round

We believe in happy customers, seeing tails wagging wide, cheesie doggie grins.  We strive to work with our customers....and of course, their masters as well.

Value For Money

We believe our pet treats are good value, no fancy marketing campaigns, just good honest product with competitive, lowest prices.

Business Ethics

Everything we do is for your pets. This means we have a duty to provide authentic, credible products. We believe in operating a business with honesty, transparency, and integrity. Doing right by pets and people is important to us.

Best for Your Bestie - 100% Australian Made Pet Treats.

Shop with us and experience the difference for yourself.